About Us

Welcome to Warrior’s Edge Armory your local retail store for all your tactical and personal safety needs. Whether you are a tactical operator looking for the gear you rely on to get you home safe or a citizen looking for home security and safety options, Warrior’s Edge Armory is here to assist you in locating the right tools for the job.

Specializing in personal defense weapon and gear Warrior’s Edge Armory’s staff is trained to help you select the best firearms, gear, and less then lethal tools to meet your needs and demands. With over 30 years combined experience in firearms, tactics, hand to hand, knife/counter knife, and reality based defensive tactics our staff is qualified to help you locate the best tools to successfully complete your mission. Whether that mission is getting home from a deployment, your shift as a LEO, or ensuring you and your family are safe in and around your home.

Warrior’s Edge Armory is a 100% veteran/disabled veteran owned company that is family operated to ensure that the highest level of service is provided to our clients. By maintaining a high level of customer service we hope to show you that your personal safety needs are paramount to us. Enjoy browsing our website and then come by our store and experience for yourself how we strive to be the top tactical and defense firearms store around.