Firearms Training Courses in Albuquerque

Becoming proficient at using your weapon is a skill that will protect you, your home and your family for a lifetime. Warrior’s Edge Armory provides gun safety and firearms training courses to enhance your personal defense skills. We’ve teamed up with our professionals to bring the most comprehensive gun training courses to Albuquerque, New Mexico. From gun safety and familiarization to home invasion defense and proper weapon selection, you will feel confident in your ability to use your firearm safely and efficiently when you train at Warrior’s Edge Armory. We offer group and private firearms classes in Albuquerque, NM.

New Mexico Concealed Carry License Class

Want to get a New Mexico concealed carry license? Warrior’s Edge Armory provides concealed carry classes in Albuquerque. During this class, you’ll learn gun safety, firearms basics and surviving deadly force encounters. After you successfully complete our CCW course, you will receive your certificate of completion, which allows you to complete your NM State Permit application requirements. After our concealed carry class, you’ll feel confident in your ability to use your weapon in the event of a dangerous encounter.

Gun Training Courses—World Class Training in Albuquerque

We provide both beginner, intermediate or advanced firearms instruction in Albuquerque. Taking gun training courses reinforces your gun safety habits, improves your gun handling and your defensive marksmanship skills. Warrior’s Edge Armory serves students of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a law enforcement officer or member of the military, you can benefit from our firearms training courses. Take a look at our class information below, as well as our class calendar for upcoming gun training course dates.

Class Information:

Individual classes

$55.00 per class/per person


Standard Issue Package

  • $34.00 per month
  • 8 classes per year
  • Saves you over $30.00 a year

Full Battle Rattle Package

  • $58.00 per month
  • 16 Classes per year
  • Saves you over $180.00 a year

Spartan Team Package

  • $100.00 per month
  • 24 classes per year
  • Saves you over $400.00 a year

Paid in Full memberships receive a 15% discount off the total price and will allow you to bring a guest to any standard class for half off.

Classes Offered:

Basic First Aide

Advanced First Aide

Personal Safety and Security

Learn to keep yourself safe by learning warning signs and recognizing threats.

Proper Weapon Selection

There are thousands or options and this class will help narrow down what you need as opposed to what people tell you that you need.

Home Invasion/Family Protection

This introductory level course will provide you with techniques, concepts, and what tools you will need to help you and your family survive a home invasion.

Hide it Right

This class explores topics relating to concealed carry options including how to select and modify CCW cover garments, holsters, and techniques for proper weapon concealment.

Emergency and Disaster Preparation and Planning

Whether it is a storm, a power outage, or a natural disaster, this class will give you the basics to make sure you have the tools and supplies that are necessary to survive.

No Guns Allowed!

What to carry when you can’t carry.

Use of Force Articulation

This course will concentrate on the importance of how you say what happened in a use of force encounter.

Weapon Maintenance and Cleaning Class

We will teach you how to properly clean your firearm to ensure it is always ready for you to use during our weapon cleaning class.

Firearm Safety and Familiarization Class

This class focuses on the firearm safety rules, teaches both children and adults to safely handle a firearm, as well as the nomenclature of firearms. Find out more about our gun safety & familiarization class in Albuquerque, NM.

Guns, and Knives, and Lawyers—Oh My!

Key laws and a basic explanation of your legal rights and state law will be discussed in this course, which is presented from a law enforcement standpoint.

Ouch! That Hurt!

Less-than-lethal weapon selection and use.

The gun instructors at Warrior’s Edge Armory have specialized weapons training that they bring to every class we teach. We have more than 30 years combined experience in firearms, hand-to-hand combat, knife/counter knife and reality-based defensive tactics. You’ll be taught by former and current law enforcement officers and members of the military, who have years of practical street experience using guns of all types. Our mission is to bring the most affordable, comprehensive gun training courses to Albuquerque, New Mexico. To sign up for firearms training or ask a question, contact us via phone or email today.